Deity Oils are created to aid in connecting with and embodiment of the energies of the deities they are named for.
Each oil is blended during the moon phase,on the day, and at the time which corresponds to the deity of its name.
Corresponding herbs, oils, and gemstones are used in each creation.
All Deity Oils are sold in 15ml bottles

"1. I used the Brigid oil as an anointing oil, for a piece of jewelry and some oracle cards, when asking for Brighid’s guidance or blessing. 2. The oil did a good job of capturing her essence — a difficult task for any triple goddess! Creativity, strength, and nurturing. 3. I don’t normally use many oils (reserve them mostly for medicinal use), so I structured these workings specifically to use the oil. 4. The oil definitely captured Her warmth and I found that quite pleasant."     --E

"~So I love the “Hecate’s Threshold” oil! I love the smell and I love the effects it has! My cats seem to enjoy it too :) ~I used the oil in a meditation/consecration ceremony that I came up with. After I did the meditation I was compelled to walk around in the little woods that I am lucky enough to have near my apartments. It was a wondrous experience. I have to say that the oil definitively gave my meditation and consecration an added power boost. It was like I was able to communicate better with the Goddess, or I was able to catch her attention a little faster. ~I have used the oil to anoint myself on a number of different occasions just because I enjoyed the smell so much and I anointed my Hecate idol on my altar as well as my necklace that I wear everyday :)"

"Your Luna choice was excellent! I love the aroma! I look forward to many days of delightful scent surrounding my presence! Enjoy the spring as it makes its entrance – my favorite time of year!"    --Diane
The Lunar Flame
Magickal supplies  handcrafted in accordance with the energies of the universe

Magick by Moonlight

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Hecate's threshold
Hecate's Threshold
Blended during the peak of
the Dark Moon phase.
Including myrrh and mugwort
luna's light
Luna's Light
Blended on the first day after
the Full Moon.
Including honeysuckle
and sandalwood
keeper of chaos ma'at oil
Keeper of Chaos
(Ma'at Oil)

Blended every 42 days.
Including clove
and valerian root
athena's gold
Athena's Gold
Blended on Wednesdays.
Including honeysuckle
and olive
brighid's fire
Brighid's Fire
Blended on the 19th of each month.
Including cinnamon and myrrh
love of venus
Love of Venus
Blended on Fridays.
Including apricot and sandalwood
Diana's dance
Diana's Dance
Blended on a New Moon falling
on a Monday or Friday.
Including frankincense
and jojoba
honored counsel juno's oil
Honored Counsel
(Juno Oil)

Blended on the first Thursday
after the New Moon.
Including rosemary and clove
angels oil
Angels Oil
Blended on the waxing Half-Moon.
Including lavender and cinnamon
Gaia's Gift oil blend
Gaia's Gift
Blended on Earth Day.
Including bayberry
and sunflower
Cernunnos cernunnos oil blend
Cernunnos Cernunnos
Blended at noon on Sundays
falling during a Waning Moon.
Including oakmoss and clove
Hathor's Heaven
Blended at sunrise on Wed and Fri
in Sept,Oct, and Nov.
Including rose and clove
Hathor's Heaven oil blend
Pan's Party
Blended at noon on Saturday
Including ylang-ylang and myrrh
Pan's Party oil blend
Charged for personal strength
and confidence.
Including sweet orange
and frankincense
Cleopatra oil blend
Blended at sunrise on Sundays
Including cinnamon
and sunflower
Rah-Rah-RA! oil blend
Green Man's Meadow
Blended during the waxing moons of Spring and Summer
Including frankincense and coconut

Green Man's Meadow oil blend
Lady Lakshmi
Blended on Fridays
Including sandalwood
and jojoba
Lady Lakshmi oil blend containing sweet orange essential oil, jojoba essential oil, and sandalwood essential oil
Zeus - 'nuff said
Blended on Thursdays
Including oakmoss
and sunflower
Zeus - 'nuff said oil blend containing clove essential oil, tonka essential oil, sunflower essential oil, and oakmoss essential oil

Blended under a
Full Moon occuring on
the 3rd,6th,or 9th
Including clove and jojoba
Cerridwyn's Cauldron oil blend containing clove essential oil, jojoba essential oil, and lilac essential oil
Guardian of the
  (Morrigan's oil)
Blended during the waning
Including dragon's blood and
Morrigan oil blend containing dragon's blood essential oil, and borage essential oil
(Kwan Yin's oil)

Blended during the last 3 days
of the waning moon
Including rose and
Kwan Yin's oil blend containing rose essential oil, and frankincense essential oil
Secret Meditations
(Tara's oil)

Blended on November 2
Including frankincense and
Tara's oil blend containing frankincense essential oil, and cinnamon essential oil
Crazy Cronus
Blended at sunrise or sunset
Including peppermint and chamomile
Cronus's oil blend containing peppermint essential oil, and chamomile essential oil
Blessed Bendis
Blended at sunrise on the
waxing moon
Including sunflower and
Bendis's oil blend containing sunflower essential oil, and jasmine essential oil
Isis Ice
Blended on a Full Moon
occuring on a Mon,Tues,Wed, or Fri
Including myrrh and jasmine
Isis's oil blend containing myrrh essential oil, and jasmine essential oil
Kali is Coming
Blended on the Dark Moon/
esp. Black Moon
Including frangipani and
Kali's oil blend containing frangipani essential oil, and cinnamon essential oil
The Circle of

Blended at moonrise on the Dark Moon
Including sandalwood and rose
Circe's oil blend containing sandalwood essential oil, and rose essential oil
(Apollo's oil)

Blended at noon on a waxing
Including frankincense and
sweet orange
Apollo's oil blend containing frankincense essential oil, and sweet orange essential oil