There will be a TOTAL Solar Eclipse viewable from many locations in the US on August 21st!
Since a total solar eclipse can only occur when the Moon is in its Dark phase, and this will be the third Dark Moon in a season with 4 Dark Moons, it is called a Black Moon and it carries some very heavy energies.
These incredibly heavy energies make it possible for me to create a most sweetly wicked set of products (oil blend, lotion, lather, and mist!)
BUT - with the Black Moon occurring in the middle of the Eclipse, the energies will be too uncomfortably combined for me to create any Black Moon products.

As the Moon changes its position in our universe, and Earth is shifting on its axis, these Black Moons are happening far more frequently than in the past, so you can be expecting another in about 4 or 5 years :)
I will be making Black Moon products then!

For now, in celebration of this TOTAL Solar Eclipse crossing the US, and the fact that it will be total (for me) for 1 minute and 54 seconds, I am adding a FREE (that's right, completely free) Eclipse Moon Mist to all orders of 154.00 or more!
Just mention that you read this on the website :)