Once in a Blue Moon

Of the many products I make, there are a few that I sell at near-cost because they require a lot of quality ingredients and I am not going to skimp on the ingredients.

This type of a sale only happens 

            For the first 10 years my shop was open, I never put these certain items on sale.

Then, every time a Blue Moon would occur, I would get a little tickle urging me to create a really special sales event for this rare occurrence.

Well, since I started having the Blue Moon sales, the Blue Moon has developed into a more frequent event (thanks to the new definition - see the information HERE) and so I had a decision to make - whether or not to continue having the sales, to only honor the 'traditional' Blue Moon, or to just go with this 'new groove' and celebrate them all - Well, I have decided to totally get into the groove - and so ... Here, without further ado, is the Blue Moon sale items for January 31, 2018.

REMEMBER - These prices are good on this day ONLY! 

No Lay~Aways, these prices are valid only on orders paid in full.

Your PAP can be applied!

         Happy Blue Moon!


The Lunar Flame 'Original Products' will all be 20% off ~~~

The Lunar Flame 'Bathroom Essentials' will all be 20% off ~~~

Morning Moon Splash (2 oz.)    6.40


New Moon Mist (2 oz.)   6.40

Full Moon Mist (2 oz.)   6.40

Dark Moon Mist (2 oz.)   7.20


MIZ Perfumes:

 (1 oz. jar)

Aries   20.

Taurus   20.80

Gemini   20.

Cancer   25.60

Leo   20.

Virgo   21.60

Libra   24.

Scorpio   22.40

Sagittarius   21.60

Capricorn   20.80

Aquarius   22.40

Pisces   19.20


Moonshine Mist (2 oz.)   9.

Moonshine Lather (2 oz.)   9.

Moonshine Lotion (2 oz.)   9.

Soft~Skin Set   8.80

MoonPower Bath Tea (Full Moon)   7.20

MoonPower Bath Tea (Dark Moon)   7.20

Pampering Powder (4 oz.)   7.20

Invigorating Powder (4 oz.)   8.80


Happy Hands will be 10% off ~~~

1 oz.   9.90

1/2 oz.   7.65


AND ... ALL Referral Credits will be doubled!

note - referral credits will not be applicable for this sale!

Silken Shampoo contains distilled water, aloe vera gel, non-fractionated virgin coconut oil, soapwort, full moonwater, chamomile essential oil, witch hazel, seasalt, organic honey, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, citric acid, and 'mermaid pearls'