"Here is some feed back on the moon classes. working with the oils is what is unique about your moon phase classes. On the 21st the dark moon oil smelled strange, exotic, maybe a little wild in a controlled way. The evening of the 22nd the oil smelled distinctly different. It smelled a lot like the full moon oil, but not as expansive. One quality of the full moon oil I made is that emotionally it is like a rose on the cusp of being over-blown. The dark moon oil on the dark moon smells very similar, but the emotional quality is self-contained, not over-blown. But it smells wonderful instead of strange. I did the candle the evening of the 22nd. There was enough oil left to use two drops to make dark moon water. When I woke up on the 23rd I felt especially shitty. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. Then I smelled the oil bottle, splashed on some of the dark moon water on my face and rinsed my mouth with it. In less that five minutes I felt good, relaxed and calm. I think the splashing on the face was the most effective action. I was very interested in getting my projects started on the crescent moon, but I wasn’t sure when that would be. I went out the morning of the 23rd about 8:30 and looked at the sky. I couldn’t see the crescent moon. I sniffed the oil. It still smelled like the full moon oil. I went out later that day near noon and looked at the sky. I did not see the crescent. That night I sniffed the oil and it still smelled like the full moon oil. All this time I kept forgetting to look it up on the internet, but I remembered that you said my reaction to the oils would change as the phases of the moon changed. So I decided to see if my nose would tell me. This morning, 24th I woke up and sniffed the oil. This time it smelled like it did on the 21st. I went out about 10am and looked at the sky. It was covered with haze, so I could not see a thing. I am going with my nose and calling today the crescent. I have already made the first step in one of my three projects I want to start today. I was amazed! I don’t care if I find an ephemeris somewhere that says a different day. I am going with my nose. The change in smell was too distinct to ignore. It is one of those things I had to experience to believe. I glad I have a way to detect the dark and cresent moon phases when the sky is cloudy and an ephimiris is not handy. For someone with an uneducated nose who hasn’t been able to smell very well for a long time, this is exciting. Thank you for showing me an amazing and pleasant way to create a personal connection with the moon!"     --Edana

Silken Shampoo contains distilled water, aloe vera gel, non-fractionated virgin coconut oil, soapwort, full moonwater, chamomile essential oil, witch hazel, seasalt, organic honey, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, citric acid, and 'mermaid pearls'