Blessed Bendis    23.00
Blended at sunrise on the waxing moon
Including sunflower and  jasmine

Hecate's Threshold    21.00
Blended during the peak of
the Dark Moon phase.
Including myrrh and mugwo

Luna's Light    19.00
Blended on the first day after the Full Moon.
Including honeysuckle and sandalwood

Deity Oils are made to aid in connecting with, and embodiment of, the energies of the deities they are named for.
Each oil is blended during the Moon phase, on the day, and at the time, which corresponds to the deity of its name.
Corresponding herbs, oils, and gemstones are used in each creation.

ALMOST All Deity Oils are sold in 1/2 ounce bottles

Keeper of Chaos    19.00

(Ma'at Oil) 
Blended every 42 days.
Including clove and valerian root

Athena's Gold    18.00
Blended on Wednesdays.
Including honeysuckle and olive

Angels Oil    19.00
Blended on the waxing Half-Moon.
Including lavender and cinnamon

Lady Lakshmi    26.00
Blended on Fridays
Including sandalwood and jojoba

Pan's Party    17.00
Blended at noon on Saturday
Including ylang-ylang and myrrh

Guardian of the Dead   19.00 
(Morrigan's oil)
Blended during the waning moon
Including dragon's blood and borage

Compassion    26.00
(Kwan Yin's oil)
Blended during the last 3 days of the waning moon
Including rose and frankincense

Cernunnos Cernunnos    19.00
Blended at noon on Sundays
falling during a Waning Moon.
Including oak moss and clove

Brighid's Fire    20.00
Blended on the 19th of each month.
Including cinnamon and myrrh

Rah-Rah-RA!    19.00
Blended at sunrise on Sundays
Including cinnamon  and sunflower

Hathor's Heaven    20.00
Blended at sunrise on Wed and Fri
in Sept,Oct, and Nov.
Including rose and clove

Isis Ice    28.00
Blended on a Full Moon  occuring on a Mon,Tues,Wed, or Fri
Including myrrh and jasmine

Cerridwyn's Cauldron    19.00
Blended under a Full Moon occuring on
the 3rd,6th,or 9th
Including clove and jojoba

Zeus - 'nuff said    25.00
Blended on Thursdays
Including oakmoss and sunflower



Kali is Coming    19.00
Blended on the Dark Moon/ esp. Black Moon
Including frangipani and cinnamon

Green Man's Meadow    24.00
Blended during the waxing moons of Spring and Summer
Including frankincense and coconut

Gaia's Gift    21.00
Blended on Earth Day.
Including bayberry and sunflower

Bow&Arrow    21.00
(Apollo's oil)
Blended at noon on a waxing moon
Including frankincense and  sweet orange

Secret Meditations    21.00
(Tara's oil)
Blended on November 2
Including frankincense and cinnamon

Love of Venus   19.00
Blended on Fridays.
Including apricot and sandalwood

The Circle of Circe    26.00
Blended at moonrise on the Dark Moon
Including sandalwood and rose

Crazy Cronus    18.00
Blended at sunrise or sunset
Including peppermint and chamomile

Diana's Dance   20.00
Blended on a New Moon falling
on a Monday or Friday.
Including frankincense and jojoba

Great Beginnings    22.00

(Artemis's oil)

Blended on the first crescent at sunrise

Including chamomile and rosemary

Selene Serene    23.00
Blended on Full Moon at midnight
Including lavender and sweet orange

Honored Counsel    20.00
(Juno Oil)
Blended on the first Thursday after the New Moon.
Including rosemary and clove

Hestia's Hearth   24.00
Blended on the hearth.
Including sandalwood and cinnamon

Father Sun oil   22.00

(Liquid Sunshine)
Blended on Sundays at sunrise
Including cinnamon

Earth Mother oil   24.00

(Totally Grounded)
Blended on Earth Day and during Earth Hour

Including patchouli

Grandmother Moon oil

(Ancient Wisdom)

Blended on 

If you have any allergies please make me aware of them so we can avoid any discomfort  :^)  

Hugs, Shiro

Silken Shampoo contains distilled water, aloe vera gel, non-fractionated virgin coconut oil, soapwort, full moonwater, chamomile essential oil, witch hazel, seasalt, organic honey, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, citric acid, and 'mermaid pearls'