Eclipses are fascinating, intriguing, and wonderful spectacles to experience. And the energies that come along with them are amazing indeed. 

There are technically a few types of eclipses - 

From Earth, we can see 2 types of eclipses – eclipses of the Sun (solar eclipses), and eclipses of the Moon (lunar eclipses). These occur when the Sun, Earth, and the Moon align in a straight or almost straight configuration. Astronomers call this a syzygy.

I prefer to work with, create my products, only during the total eclipses (Lunar and Solar), because I've never been one to do something halfway LOL  

And, actually, the energies of the partial eclipses are so lopsided and disorganized that I really don't feel the comfort in them.

Here is the clear and simple description of the Lunar and Solar eclipses --

There are three types of Lunar eclipses - the total, the partial and the penumbral.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the planet Earth comes between the Sun and the Moon.

This prevents the sun's rays from reaching the Moon.

It is my opinion that, at this time, we here on Earth are able to access the energy of the sun more completely - as we are not receiving any reflected from the Moon.

I choose this time (during totality only) to create my Father Sun oil blend, charging it in the sunlight for the duration of totality (usually not too long, a couple of hours or so).

Lunar eclipses only happen during a Full Moon.

There are four different types of solar eclipses - the partial eclipse, the annular eclipse, the total, and the hybrid.

A solar eclipse happens when the Dark Moon moves between Earth and the Sun.

A total solar eclipse occurs when the Moon completely covers the Sun.

I choose this time (during totality only) to create my Eclipse products (mist, lotion, lather, and oil blend), charging them for the duration of totality (usually only a few minutes).

Totality during such an eclipse can only be seen from a limited area. 

Looking at a solar eclipse without protective eyewear can cause severe injury to your eyes. 

Solar eclipses can only occur during a Dark Moon.

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