Happy Hands!

Happy Hands is one of my best-selling products, and the first one I made purely for the benefit of the body.

Let me tell you the story -

It all began one dry day when I noticed that, yet again, my hands were all dried out and hurting a bit.  I, of course, reached for the 'best lotion on the market' at that time. Then, as I rubbed my hands together and the lotion very quickly soaked in (or so I thought), I decided to read the ingredients.

I was rather shocked by what I read - if I remember right, there were 3 different types of alcohol in that lotion. Well, I'm a pretty smart ol' gal, and it didn't take me long to realize that alcohol is a drying ingredient - and if the lotion was drying my hands out just a little bit with each use, I would be set up to use the lotion more often (therefore having to buy it more often) - and I began to see through their scheme.

I decided to do some research (and I learned that ALL the lotions on the market contained at least one type of alcohol) which led me immediately to the idea that I (that's right, me!) could make a lotion that didn't contain alcohol, or any unhealthy ingredients. Within minutes I was knee-deep in research!

After 18 months of research and formulations, and personal trial and error, Happy Hands (or as it was known at that time - Healthy Hands) was ready to send to Testers!

I had just a ton of questions for the Testers - and they were great about giving me their time as they answered all of my questions!  

Let me just take a minute and give a shout-out to all of my Testers -

                             My Testers are awesome!

I was ever so glad that I had tried all the previous recipes myself (and discovered they were pretty, um, not-so-good LOL) so when I sent Healthy Hands out to the Testers, I got the most amazing feedback!  I had done it! 

Then, I was informed, by most of my Testers, that the name did not do the product justice. Hmm, what to do?

And one of them suggested I make an announcement on Facebook (the connection-hub of the hour) and allow people (just everybody!) to offer names for the product. 

     I was nervous about it but thought oh well, how bad can it be LOL

I got about 20 suggestions and then I opened everything up and allowed all of Facebook to vote! (on Facebook, via email, and via telephone!)

After about a week of voting, I had found that almost everybody agreed with one of my Testers - the product should be called Happy Hands - because after using this product my hands feel happy!

So, there it is, the birth of Happy Hands!

I've posted pictures of the process here for you to see - yep, that's my stove, my pan, my bowl, and my glove!

I hope you enjoyed learning about the process that resulted in Happy Hands - which I have been told several times, is more of a salve than a lotion.  I get it!

Well, I'm too busy to create a whole new page for Balms (especially since I only have one LOL) so, for now, (who knows what might happen in the future) you can find Happy Hands on the Lotions and Lathers page of The Lunar Flame website!

Oh, and Happy Hands makes a great gift too!