Sidhe Moon

There is much confusion around the Sidhe Moon.

Many just recently "discovered" what has been in existence for, well,

a very long time LOL

A Sidhe Moon (aka Faerie Moon) occurs when a calendar month has 2 New Moons (aka First Crescent Moons).

The question of just what exactly constitutes a New Moon has turned up in various places, including internet websites and discussion groups, workshops at Pagan events, and conversations with Seekers.

The New Moon appears to be a subjective term, (which it is not) with many people being unable to pinpoint just when it is that this phase occurs.

Is the New Moon the same as the Dark Moon? Simple answer - No.

Or is it that thin sliver of Moon just before becoming totally Dark, or the thin sliver of Moon just after being totally Dark?  Simple answer - Yes, the latter.

If the New Moon and the Dark Moon are the same, then why have two terms for this one phase of the Moon? Simple answer - some people apparently find it easier to use these terms interchangeably than to look up the time of the New Moon (First Crescent) - really? you can look it up on the internet these days! At one time there was a person whose "job" it was to "keep an eye out" for the First Crescent - and that person managed to do it every month!

Let me try to explain, to clarify.

A New Moon is its own phase of the Moon, to be recognized separately from the Dark Moon (which is the phase when there is 0% illumination). The First Crescent of the Moon IS the New Moon. There are resources to help one know the precise moment that the illumination becomes 1%. And there are resources where you can learn the moon phases of the month - at a glance HERE - The New Moon is confused with the Dark Moon on this website also, but you can get the accurate percentage of illumination which can be quite helpful to clear things up!

Many believe that Sidhe Moons are a time when magickal workings should be avoided.

However, for those who believe it is appropriate to appreciate the Moon in all its phases...

The Sidhe Moon is experienced as a time to work Fairie Magicks and play host to otherworldly Beings who come to call.


All can agree that witnessing that First Crescent's glow awakens an energy within, an energy to start again, to begin refreshed, to get energized! and organized!

I hope this is the energy everyone will enjoy at the next New Moon (First Crescent), and that goes double for the next Sidhe Moon (2nd First Crescent) -

which, by the way, will be on August 31, 2019.

Blessed Be,

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