Month of Moons

The Month of Moons is a Special Order product which changes with each season.

The Month of moons includes:

2 ounce Moon Mist (New Moon)

2 ounce Moon Mist (Full Moon)

2 ounce Moon Mist (Dark Moon)

2 ounce Moon Mist (mist of the current season, be it Winter, Spring, Summer, OR Autumn)

Instructions to help you fully enjoy your Month Of Moons

This is a great gift for that someone you know who is trying to discover the energy of their most powerful moon phase, someone who loves ALL the phases of the Moon, or , as the name implies LOL (Month Of Moons) - the most wonderful woman in your life - MOM!

A great gift for the bridesmaids  or covenmates!

If you have any allergies please make me aware of them so we can avoid any discomfort  :^)  

Hugs, Shiro

Silken Shampoo contains distilled water, aloe vera gel, non-fractionated virgin coconut oil, soapwort, full moonwater, chamomile essential oil, witch hazel, seasalt, organic honey, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, citric acid, and 'mermaid pearls'