Moon Rocks!

When one of my customers (waaaaay back when) asked me about the scent of my working candles (Moonwater Candles), I was thrilled! 

Moonwater Candles are made with the original scent of The Lunar Flame (the scent now known as 'Moonshine' thanks to online voting!)

This customer asked me if I could make other things with this scent. Well, oddly enough, the first item to come to mind was a "rock" that smelled awesome LOL Why did I think of rocks - I have no idea LOL But they seem to be a most fabulous creation which many customers purchase again and again  :)

When I first sent the samples out to Testers, I had written (as I do with most products being tested) a note saying


                                                                           DO NOT INGEST!

A couple of the Testers told me it was a good thing I had - You see, when I sent the samples out, I just asked my Testers to use them in whatever way they were inspired. The Testers said the samples smelled delicious LOL and that eating them had occurred to them LOL

Ad, I hadn't really noticed, but I had made them look like cookies! hahahahaha.

One Tester actually told me that they needed to look more like rocks and less like cookies!

Well, the Testers tried to use the Moon Rocks in many ways!

     The ways that were successful :

     1. as sachet in closet or dresser

     2. placed inside pillowcase (use caution if you have children or animals that may find the rocks to smell "delicious")!

     3. dissolved in a bath (always use caution as any product containing oils can make a tub slippery!)

     4. in guest bathroom

     5. hung from rearview mirror

There may be other ways to use Moon Rocks!  

If you try something new and it works, please share so that we can all live a more lovely scented life  :^)



Silken Shampoo contains distilled water, aloe vera gel, non-fractionated virgin coconut oil, soapwort, full moonwater, chamomile essential oil, witch hazel, seasalt, organic honey, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, citric acid, and 'mermaid pearls'