Silken Shampoo

I have been studying, mixing, learning, cooking, and trying, for a W-H-I-L-E now, to create a shampoo that not only cleans, but nourishes the hair. I also wanted it to be completely 100% natural, and have no smell to interfere with other scents you might wish to anoint yourself with each day :^)

I was trying to create a conditioner as well, because I have never been able to wash my hair without using a conditioner too - the tangles would make a grown man cry! 

It seems that I created a combo - shampoo&conditioner (that really works) without even trying! And boy! was that ever a lucky break - I was SO prepared for the tears that were expected when I first tried Silken Shampoo - without any conditioner!  

I'm not one to blow-dry my hair, so after using Silken Shampoo for the first time, I thought "Oh no, I'm going to have to braid it for overnight, so it won't get any more tangles than it already has". Then I went to separate the three strands (ready to cringe as the hairs knotted), only to find that there were only a couple small tangles near the ends - I was thrilled with the product already LOL

As of October 20, 2017, I have been using NO other hair products - JUST Silken Shampoo! for 5 months! And I get compliments on my hair almost daily!

My hair feels softer, healthier, lighter, and I dare say - happier - than ever! LOL

And it is still nearly tangle-free even after sleeping! 

After about 2 and a half months of  using Silken Shampoo myself and absolutely loving the results, I decided it was time to recruit some volunteer Testers - my Testers are never paid for their opinions. And I appreciate their honest feedback!

Let me share with you the responses I got when I asked them about Silken Shampoo -

 First, when asked how much they thought Silken Shampoo would be worth paying, I received answers of 8-20 dollars for 4 ounces. I managed to set the starting price at 16! With hopes of reducing the price in the future!

     And every one said they would highly recommend Silken Shampoo!

"When I used it, it was really easy to detangle and manage, and I felt my hair lighter and softer than its ever been. I tried it on my 7 year old as well and normally her hair is impossible to brush without her saying ouch or complaining, but after I let it air dry, I hardly had to brush through it, it seemed to untangle as it dried all on its own. It was amazing!"  - JS

"I am 16 years old. I tried the Silken Shampoo and it made my hair soft and I really liked the way it looked and felt. I was told my hair looked really good by people that didn't know I was testing a new product, they noticed my hair instantly! I just was confused on how much to use because of the lather and wondered if I could use a spritz bottle as it seemed to run out of my hands before I could apply it to my hair.I would love to keep using it if it lathered more, or maybe I will try the spritz."  - AG

"I feel like calling it "shampoo" is an injustice because it actually revives your hair. Shampoo is an inadequate name - something restorative, repairing, like Natural Restorer."  - JM

"I like it because it didn't burn my eyes or sting my eczema in the shower. It didn't take a long time to brush it and my mom didn't pull my hair like she does a lot."  -NC

"I really loved the shampoo. (suggested Silken Tresses)
It’s a Win!"  - PP

"When my 16 year old washed her hair with it for the first time and she walked in after her hair was semi-dry, her hair was so beautiful and had an indescribable essence about it, like it almost spoke, but was silent. It's hard to put words to it, but it was AWESOME!!"  - JS

"Tried it today. It lathered well and didn't have a strong smell. It softened it up pretty well, better than normal shampoo,

but not as well as a beard oil. All good things to say other than the consistency." - F, 33, full beard!

The questions I posed to my Testers:

How often did you use Silken Shampoo?  

3 days between washes for me (JS, age 39)

A (age 16) used it twice, 2 days apart 

N (age 7) was once a week

Used it every 2 days skipped (JM, age 35)

Do you have long or short hair? 
How much Silken Shampoo did you use - was this more or less than what you would have used from a store-bought shampoo?

 I utilized 3 teaspoons of the product on each wash. The amount utilized was less than I would need utilizing commercial store-bought shampoo. (PP, age 55)

My hair is long - I used less than I would have with a store-bought shampoo but more than was suggested. (JM)

(note- the suggested amount is 1-2 teaspoons)

We all have long hair and myself and the 7 year old used about a quarter sized amount while A, (16), used much more as she was unsure of the lather and she said some ran out of her hand before she could get it to her head.


Did you brush/comb while wet?


While 3 Testers did not, the other comments were "once it was combed it was a little squeaky feeling and had no tangles!", and "Yes, I did comb through in the shower while wet." (she said she used a wide-toothed comb)


Did you blow dry.

Most chose to air dry most of the time, and that suits me fine too!

"I let is mostly dry naturally ... then I utilized my blow dryer on low with a natural bristled round brush.  The end result was smooth and soft."

"I didn't blow dry but I did use a flat iron, and it worked well and my hair wasn't dry afterward!"

Do you dye you hair?

"Yes, bleached on the ends only - It did wonders on the ends! Definitely gentle enough - I feel like it restores my hair!"

What did I like/dislike?

"It had no smell - I enjoyed it because it won't interfere with perfume I might want to wear."

"I'm fairly certain it splashed in my eye and it didn't sting!"

"It feels too thin but I don't find it to be a bad thing because it has no bearing on whether I would buy the product - because I love the result."

"I like that it has a freshly washed scent – meaning – it does not have a perfume scent.  I like the way my hair felt – smooth and soft.  You want to touch it!"

"A day after living in the humid state of ... that I do, It held up pretty well.  It did not get as fly away."


"I thought it was wonderful. The scent was natural and clean and overall an exceptional experience."


"The best thing is that I did not wake up with bed head beehive crazy hair.  It stayed fairly smooth and when brushing it out, it smoothed it nicely."

"My 16 year old she said it was rather a thin consistency."

"This shampoo was gentle and better than the other sulfate-free commercial shampoos I am utilizing."

"I feel the name fits as my hair did feel silky afterwards."

"I do not like the pure thin liquid nature of the product.  I wish it either had a little more creamy heft instead of being watery.  Or, perhaps it would be packaged in a way that one squeeze or one pump would be a “serving.” "

Did you like your results with Silken Shampoo?

"Yes! Yes, Yes, Yes"

"Yes, absolutely!"

"Yes – LOVED."


"Yes - definitely purchase and recommend. Would recommend as a treatment too - Use for a week to restore your hair."



Well, ladies and gentlemen - There you have it  :^)


Silken Shampoo is an all-around hit! and available for purchase!  





To help you get the best results from your all-natural Silken Shampoo

Pour the shampoo into the palm of your hand, not directly onto your head. 

Rub your palms together gently before applying the shampoo to your hair.

I hear that the foamer works well - if you cannot work with the thin formula!

As the directions say - Rinse THOROUGHLY. This shampoo is blended specifically to cleanse your hair AND nourish it. The time that it sits on your head (and is massaged into the scalp) is to allow the follicles (and the strands) to absorb any of the oils it needs. What your hair cannot absorb at the time (because it doesn't need it) will be rinsed away.

Dry your hair gently- blot gently with a towel.
Wear a towel-turban for 10 to 20 minutes to help absorb the water.

If you use one of those "Hair-Genie" things let me know how it works!

Always use a wide-toothed comb on wet hair, never a brush.

Use a natural bristled brush (and if you can't find/afford one, make sure the bristles of your brush have nubs on the ends.

Give your scalp a little massage as you brush (it stimulates the follicles!)

Be kind to your hair :^)