Sweetish Scrub

After only about 4 months of research and trial and error, and testing and failing, and getting feedback from willing Testers, it is ready -

That's right! I wanted it all LOL - and, in this case,  I do believe it is possible to have it both ways!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present the body scrub that won't leave you feeling oily AND won't leave you feeling like you need to moisturize!

It took a few tries - well, OK, more than a few LOL, but I got just the right balance of ingredients, complimenting eachother perfectly!

And the price isn't scary either!

8 ounces only 13.00!

Tester comments

The texture of the product is exceptional.  

I've utilized many different types of skin care scrubs.  

This sample is at the top of that list.  

It's not sticky.  

It glides onto your skin as you rub it in circles and does not slide off.

Smells wonderful, leaves skin smooth and soft.

Exfoliates yet not abrasive or painful.

Gentle enough to use on face and after shaving legs, etc.

The scent was pleasant.  Uplifting in a relaxed way.  I followed it up the next day with your Moonshine lotion.  I really feel these two products compliment each other.

Not oily or greasy and doesn't leave a film on skin.
Overall, I think it's an exceptional scrub/exfoliant and there isn't anything I would change at all!!
(drew five stars)

 ...I feel this treatment would improve one's skin with repeated use.  Probably start off at 2 or 3 times a week, depending upon the severity of dryness and work it to once a week as a regular thing.

Ohhhh it makes your skin so lovely soft with NO residue.  

The next morning ... still felt nice.  

The scent had dissipated.  This is nice, because you could do a whole body treatment prior to bedtime and enjoy the scent, yet it would not linger on your bedding and skin the next day.

My T-zone on my face is usually greasy (oily)- it is not greasy 2 hours after using product when it usually starts getting oily within 30 min of washing face

I would like to soak my feet in my footbath and utilize this treatment again including my feet and calves, as I have received when getting a pedicure.  

                              Home Spa Treatment, here I come!