The thinning of the veil

In this article I have quoted from other sites and added my own knowledge  :^)

"Keep in mind that this is the season when the veil between our world and the spirit world are at its thinnest. Use this time for spiritual growth" -  I used this quote because the author refers to "the season" rather than saying that the veil is only thinnest at Samhain.  It doesn't just all-of-a-sudden go from thick to thinnest when Samhain arrives LOL  It begins thinning much earlier, and reaches its thinnest point during Samhain. Now it doesn't suddenly return to its thickest as soon as Samhain ends either. It will gradually thicken. This gives us more time for activities and workings which will be enhanced by a thin veil. Instead of having just the one night (Samhain), we can choose which ritual we want to work during the thinnest of the veil at Samhain (I enjoy a Silent Supper), as well as perform more workings and rituals as the veil thins prior to, and thickens following the holiday. 

"Hold a séance, work on your divination, and pay attention to messages you get in your dreams."  is some advice I wandered upon.  Do be cautious which workings you perform, and how you choose to do them  :^)

Another bit of thought I came upon was this - "You may also want to use this moon phase to do a ritual honoring your ancestors. Work on your genealogy, dust off the family heirlooms, and hang some photos of your clan and kin around the house. Decorate your altar with symbols of the Samhain season, as well as with items that help you connect to all of those in your bloodline."  All wonderful ideas to bring the energies of the holiday into your mundane space.

And for the more "earthy" people - "This is the time of year for hunting and gathering, stocking up on provisions, and making plans for the coming winter. The dark and cold nights are a reminder that for our ancestors, this was a time to consider mortality - those who failed to plan accordingly in late fall could freeze or starve to death before winter ended. Set aside a few hours to can your garden vegetables, hang the last of your herbs to dry someplace indoors, and begin figuring out what sorts of things you can do over the winter to help keep yourself warm and well fed."


And, we can't forget the crafty ones - "If you knit, sew, or crochet, stock up on yarns and fabrics so you can begin working on new projects when it's too chilly and dark to do anything outside."


Now, I want to share a little - The veil between the worlds IS thinnest at the time of Samhain. This is true. What oftens gets overlooked is the fact that there are other times of the year when the veil is thinned, though not to the same degree. Beltane (and about the week surrounding it) is the time when the veil is experienced at its second-thinnest. This is a great time for workings with the Fae, if you are so inclined. Also, divinations, glamouries, and courage are good energies to work with at this time. This is also a wonderful day to show gratitude.


Every Dark of the Moon (this is when the Moon is at 0% visibility - often called the New Moon, incorrectly) is a time when the veil thins just a bit. This brings an energy of introspection and reflection. Some choose to work with their mirrors, runes, tarot, or candles - each as a method to bring some "light" into their lives, in the form of direction. This gained wisdom can then be used as they take to working with the first crescent (New Moon) the following day(s) - sometimes 2!

I trust you feel a little more prepared to work with the thinning veil  :^)

Blessed Be