Here are some unique gift ideas!

exclusively from The Lunar Flame

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Formulated for the men in your life -

Moon Musk cologne


After Shave

Leather Lotion

Shower Gel

Etched mirrors and Puffs -for fun and fantasy

For the practitioner in your life -



For the environmentally conscious -

Potluck Pouch

Baby's first picture frame

For the infant in your life -

hand-crafted baby blankets

Etched glassware -

fun at every celebration!

A brand-new coat!

For the Tea-Lover in your life -

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And check out these stocking stuffers!

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Silken Shampoo contains distilled water, aloe vera gel, non-fractionated virgin coconut oil, soapwort, full moonwater, chamomile essential oil, witch hazel, seasalt, organic honey, castor oil, argan oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, citric acid, and 'mermaid pearls'